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Cranes is a kinetic and electrochemical sculpture made of wood, bare copper wire, electronic components, and salt water. I made it in 2018 while I was at the school for poetic computation in New York City. Cranes has been exhibited at the sfpc student showcase, and at A Space Came There and Crashed at Fancy Fancy Studios in Austin, Texas.

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Relay Crickets is a critical technology workshop on artificial intelligence, soldering, and invasive species. We talk about the history of the electromagnetic relay from telegraphy to early machine learning, make electronic crickets together that chatter in the dark and are quiet in the light, and then talk about the history of invasive and introduced species in North America. We ask the question-- if our technologies are invasive species, what kinds of landscapes and relations are they creating? I have taught Relay Crickets in Toronto with Ones and Zeros, and in Austin, Texas with Magic the Gallery at Fancy Fancy Studios.

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Glomar Response iterates through the possible messages contained in the CIA language for avoiding Freedom of Information Act Requests: "We can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of records pursuant to your request". I made this in collaboration with Neta Bomani at the school for poetic computation in fall of 2018, inspired by Simone Browne's introduction to Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness. Alongside the object, Neta and I collaborated on a critical essay on computer memory, classified documents, and the CIA and FBI's long-term and ongoing surveillance and erasure of black history and identity.

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Collages and poems in code and on paper. I have been interested for the last five years or so in multi-sided collages, starting first by selectively cutting and flipping single magazine sheets, moving towards cut-up and algorithmic poetry, and crude software collage tools in Processing and openFrameworks. 

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