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I am an artist, poet, teacher, and organizer based in Toronto. I build small interactive objects, make code poems, and teach experimental workshops with electronics, computers, and Petri dishes.


I’ve spent a lot of time working in community-facing maker spaces and shops, developing curriculum, teaching, and maintaining shared work spaces. In that time I have come to love the relationship human beings can form with tools, and with each other through tools.


Even so, I think most digital tools are built to humiliate us. They’re condescending, and they never let us really learn them. They’re always stealing our ideas and selling them back to us. They are borne out of intense human and ecological suffering. I love technology, but I also wonder if we should break it. I hope that option is always on the table in my practice.


I use electronics and code to make feeble instruments for communication. The tools I make are sensitive, temperamental, delicate, sarcastic, and limited. I hope they ask questions like: Am I a creature? where is the ground? What is memory made of? 

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